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Accidents can happen at any time, and in any place, and in many cases they won't be the fault of the victim.

Cycling Accident Claims

Michael W Halsall Solicitors has specialist personal injury teams who can advise you with all aspects of your cycling accident compensation claim.

Cycling accidents and injuries are increasing in the UK, and these unfortunate accidents can vary in their cause and severity. On a bike you are the least well-protected of all road users.

If you are involved in an accident, unfortunately you are more likely to be injured than if you were in a car or other vehicle, where you would be protected by airbags, side impact bars and other safety devices

An accident whilst out cycling can all too easily end up leaving you with very serious injuries that may affect you for several years. When someone else is to blame for these injuries, Michael W Halsall Solicitors are here to help. We pride ourselves on a sympathetic, professional and straightforward approach to all our clients who have suffered from a cycling accident. Our main aim is to get you back on the road as quickly and as painlessly as possible, ensure that you are adequately properly compensated for your injuries and other financial losses.

Injuries from cycling accidents

The most common injuries that cyclists suffer in road traffic accidents include broken bones, particularly legs, arms and shoulders. Other personal injuries likely to be suffered in a cycling accident include head and neck injuries, as even with the added protection of a cycling helmet, the force of hitting either another vehicle or the road surface can cause significant damage to soft tissue.

At Michael W Halsall Solicitors we know that being seriously injured in a cycling accident can be a devastating and life changing experience and that is why our aim is to do all that we can to make your cycling accident claim as stress free as possible.

We will arrange for an independent doctor to examine your injuries and prepare a medical report for your claim. As well as this medical report, the doctor will also be able to advise whether you would benefit from any specialist rehabilitative treatment, to speed your recovery or to reduce your ongoing symptoms.

If there are any additional costs to any of the treatments you are recommended, then these can be claimed back as part of your cycling injury compensation claim.

Bicycle Repair / Recovery

At Michael W Halsall Solicitors, we don't just recover your personal injury compensation for you. Our cycling accident solicitors will also arrange the recovery and repair of your bike or if it is damaged beyond economic repair, we will recover its value for you, as quickly as possible.

How much will it cost?

Anyone who uses our bicycle accident claims services will have their claim handled by one of our specialist cycling accident solicitors who will act for them on a No-Win No-Fee basis and ensure that they receive maximum compensation. This means that when we take on your claim, we do so with the understanding that if you lose your claim you will not pay us a penny.(except in certain circumstances).

Cycling Equipment Claims

In any bike accident, there is a good chance that as well as being injured, the clothes you were wearing will be damaged as your clothing and any safety equipment you might be wearing are the only things between you and the tarmac.

Whether you are a keen cyclist who uses a bike on the road every day, or someone who just goes for a ride on a Sunday morning, wearing the appropriate clothing and equipment can dramatically reduce both your chances of being involved in an accident and if you are in an accident, the severity of any injuries.

Cycling clothing and equipment has two main functions, it is either designed to make you more visible to other road users, reducing the likelihood that they will knock you off your bike, or it is designed to minimise your injuries if you fall or are knocked off. In a bicycle accident your equipment is likely to be damaged, so any claim you make could include the costs of replacing both the visibility clothing (reflective fluorescent jackets, lights, reflective strips) and your protective clothing (elbow and knee pads, your cycling helmet).

Some safety equipment is designedto be replaced once involved in an accident , such as cycling helmets, which cushion the head against an impact with either the road or another vehicle. Other cycling equipment such as shoulder pads and knee pads can take a few scrapes before they need to be replaced, but if your equipment is damaged in an accident, then MWH Solicitors will include the cost of the replacement, of this equipment as part of your bike claim.

If any of these items are damaged in your bicycle accident, then Michael W Halsall Solicitors can include the costs of replacement of this equipment as part of your bike accident claim.

If you have been injured whilst out cycling then please contact us immediately on 01942-727000 to speak to one of our specialist advisors or complete our enquiry form.